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Use this code at checkout. Find more discounts and offers from Jet just at CouponAnnie in October Special Saving. Abreva products at Jet. Real Canadian Superstore and Lablaws tend to have a whole wall of tear pads as soon as you enter the store in the GTA.

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This is such a time saver — you just scan the board and grab the ones you need. The people that sell coupons on ebay or take stacks of tearpads are probably like the lady that comes to my townhouse complex and steals all the coupon booklets from every single newspaper on delivery day!! It will cost you more to mail it to the buyer.

It makes me so angry when people take all the tear pad or steal all the inserts from papers. Any way now that that is out of my system I find all my tear pads at Shoppers or Metro. Wish there were more. I never see any in shoppers or sobeys and I shop alot lol they must beat me to em. LOL And yes, they do sell them on ebay.

If you go onto ebay and type in coupon you would be surprised the kind of money they make from them. Longos also have tear pad coupons on occasion.

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The most coupons I have ever taken at one time was 10, but it was a product that I purchased almost every week and I used them for my own household. If you watch programs like Extreme Couponing you will see that some people have taken whole coupon tear pads for themselves. To me, that is greedy and wasteful! Even if they were stockpiling, I think that some of the coupons would be left unused, a savings that could have benefitted someone else. And, Nacho, yes I have seen coupons available on E-Bay.

I was in Walmart yesterday and they had a tear pad coupon in the make up area for 3.

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I grabbed 5 and bought 5 products.. My daughter uses Aveeno all the time. Extreme couponing has affected this, but also site that let people know where they have found coupons. I take only as many I will likely use. However, I do not blame people; the coupons are there for the consumer.

My feeling is that the consumer has certainly become more savy because of such shows as extreme couponing, while sites such as these Mrs. January continue to provide information and awareness; something that we all should have these days.

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Prices are continually going higher on food staples, while the amount of money going into marketing more new products for the consumer to purchase is outrageous. I buy what I need now, look for good prices, and yes use a coupon if I have it, but staying away from packaged goods just because they are a good price.

Once you become aware of couponing, they are everywhere…. Nacho, the people who sell coupons on ebay make alot of money doing it. When you buy from ebay the buyer pays the shipping!

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I refuse to pay for coupons, that defeats the purpose of trying to save! I would probably find more tearpads if I was actually looking for them. I will try to remember when I am out next. Usually if something is illegal on ebay, ebay will take down the listing. My husband listed a really old bootlegged copy of a Thin Lizzy concert, and it was taken down fairly quickly. Quote from budster :. Thanks, wundersaver and everyone else who posted. This was very helpful..

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