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Should they be a feature of cart abandonment emails? In a nutshell, the writer argues that people are deliberately abandoning purchases in the belief that a cart abandonment email will follow with a nice discount for them, and it is this that is pushing up abandonment rates. We track abandonment rates and, while there is some fluctuation, they have remained relatively steady over the last two years. The latest figure we have, from Q4 , is Retailers can improve usability, eliminate issues with checkout forms , payment etc, but there will always be a certain amount of abandonment, simply because most people will not decide to buy on the first visit.

For example, I receive emails offering price reductions several times a month from Gap — this is a snapshot from November last year.

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Likewise, the appearance of a coupon code box on an e-commerce checkout can be a signal to shoppers that there might be a discount on offer. The result could be that the retailer fails to sell the boots at full price. Shoppers have always looked for a bargain, and the internet has made it easier in many ways for customers to find the best deal. Comparison engines, deals sites like Groupon, and the many voucher code sites all appeal to the bargain hunter, and reinforce the idea that the deals are out there if you look hard enough. Consumers have caught on to the fact that some abandoned cart emails offer discounts.

The problem for retailers is that, while discounts are attractive to customers and a great tactic for boosting short-term sales, it has an inevitable impact on profitability. As Kevin Hillstrom explains in this post, there is an obvious relationship between the level of discounting and profit. This is because discounting relatively early in the season tends to affect sales nearer Christmas Day. So retailers can end up selling more earlier, but at reduced margins.

Our sales data backs this up. Black Friday was three times busier in terms of sales volume than the busiest day in December, while abandonment rates were significantly lower. If used wisely, the long-term value of the customers acquired through discounting will outweigh the reduced margins.

With any discounting strategy, whether through email or other channels. If promotions are offered around key goals like new customer acquisition or expansion into new markets, then discounting can be a very effective strategy. If retailers retain the customers they acquire in this way, their lifetime value makes the strategy worthwhile. The key point is that discounts should either be profitable for retailers, or should help them to achieve a particular goal.

So should retailers offer discounts in remarketing emails? Well, they can work well enough without discounts so retailers would be best advised to try this approach first of all.

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I am hoping to spy some 8 's of Universal before they stop offering it next year. I figure pounds should get me through till I find something else. I am certainly hoping they change their mind on the continued production. While Universal AP70N is going away there will be a replacement for it. Environmental regs, especially in Europe, seem to be the driving force behind this. If the new powders perform well then it's not a big deal.

But it's looking like this is the way it's headed. Needless to say, I placed my last order through PV, with lower prices and one hazmat fee. Having said that, EI still has very competitive prices and are my back up "go-to" vendor. I'm very pleased with their powder, and they have very personable and helpful customer service.

They get a hat tip from me. I really do not like compressed loads in those teeny weeny cases. I scuttled the ETR7 on these 9mm's and went back to my ole' standard TiteGroup, since is it a fast dense powder and does not fill the case way up. And shoots great! Any thoughts or experience out there so far on 9mm? Haven't done any 40SW yet.

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Seems reasonable to me. I talked a couple friends into buying this stuff.

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Me, I'm good with 5. Carson is more meticulous than me and owns a chronograph, I'm posting his results below. So far all I know that use this are happy campers - I'm going to get some more myself! April 21, Range Tests deg. F, Breezy, Scattered Clouds. SWC O.

Should You Offer Discounts in Cart Abandonment Emails?

Starline Brass, Federal Primer 6. Ruger New Model, Blackhawk. Starline Brass, Federal Primer 7. Strung vertically, had to be shooter Ruger New Model, Blackhawk. Hornady Brass, Federal Primer 7. Alliant Power Pistol.

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I got it to meter properly, now. I upgraded to Lee ProAutodisk. I cant get it to meter well with the adjustable charge bar, but it perfectly dispenses 3. This gets me a nice fps average velocity with Lee R boolits. Thanks for all of your info guys! I love this thread! For you Texas guys, apparently the Spanish company loading Rio shotshells is building a manufacturing site there.

Maybe you can slide by the factory and pick up a barrel of powder!! Real Money straight off the top. Thank you for supporting our year of growth. As of July 4th, , Expansion Industries is proud to announce our rewards program for ammunition purchases. Full details will be on our new website soon. Here are the basics. Simple and Easy. We also will be offering a similar program to earn points when you refer your friends.

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Another thank you for sharing our brand and values program with the shooting community. Details for this program will be on our web site soon so keep checking back for updates. It seems to run fine. I actually had good results when I ran it through a chrono last month, and some more testing last night of the same batch of ammo with a new gun got similar results. As long as you aren't trying to push things by going for minor power factor with g bullets or something, it has a low standard deviation and low smoke, and it feeds well in a Dillon press.