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It was obvious. Since I had no problems with this happening before I took my car to them the previous day, I called the store as soon as it opened and explained what was happening. They told me to bring it in and they would look at it. So when I got off of work, I went and got my kids and we went to Firestone. I explained again what was happening, gave them my keys and sat down with my 1 year old son and 6 year old daughter to wait. An hour went by before they even moved my car from the original parking spot.

I couldn't believe it.

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I asked him why the sound was coming from under my hood if it was a brake problem. He told me that brake noise can sound like that sometimes. So then I asked him why my car was all of a sudden having these problems? The sound and the light had not been happening until I brought my car into them. I said "That seemed like a pretty big coincidence. At this point I was furious. Here this guy was telling me that I was imagining that the noise was coming from under my hood and that it just so happened that all these problems happened the day after they worked on my car.

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I told him there was no way I was paying the that much money. His final solution was to have his manager call me in the morning to see if he could give me some sort of discount.

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I truly feel like they took advantage of the fact that I'm a woman and I have little to no knowledge about cars. They overcharged me for labor to install the power steering pump, then broke my car while they were in there.

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Now I have to take my car to somewhere else and pay who knows how much to fix the damage. Please beware of Firestone especially if you're a woman. They will mess something up just to get you to pay more money to fix it.

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Never again. I have many over many years I will continue buying tires there because I believe for the most part they do have some of the best tires being sold. I also am a Firestone employee and get a very good discount on tires. Which makes my treatment by the Auto Care Centers feel so much worst I would think they would treat fellow teammates better. I will start with my most recent problem I have had with them. I purchased a set of 4 tire for a car.

Less than a week later the tire was flat. I aired it up again and sprayed it down with soapy water. It was leaking air around the bead so I'm thinking it must be a narrow bead or lack of tie into the inner liner. I took it into the shop without even looking at the tire. They told me it was my rim that was bad.

I assured them that my rim was fine and they should look at the tire for the problem. This lead to a very heated discussion ending with me telling them I wanted to see this rim that was so bad it would not hold air. An hour and a half later they brought my tire back out, told me it was a rusty rim. They repaired it and that the tire would hold air for a while. The rim was so bad that it would not ever hold air long term.

At that point I am very upset they never showed me the bad rim. I get home and notice the bead sealer oozing out. I have seen a lot of bead sealer used and never seen it oozing that long after. Two weeks later the tire is flat again. So I take it to another shop. I explain everything that happened. He comes out and says, "Yep, aluminum oxide is the problem" at least this guy uses proper term for it. He also continues to tell me that the rim was never repaired, basically that means using a wire wheel and cleaning it off. He says, "Don't worry.

We fixed it for you this time, but it will not hold air long term". That's two tire repairs I paid for this tire. So about a month goes by and it's low again. So I say maybe it's time for another rim.

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I find one at a junkyard and they say they can install the tire also. When he pulled the tire off the rim he is like, "I'm sorry but there is nothing wrong with this rim and it has NEVER been touched by a wire wheel". I tell him I need to find out if it is the tire or not, so go ahead and sell me the rim you have. Again a month later tire is low. I tell my son because he is the one driving the car back and forth to college he is just going to have to keep an eye on it.

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Less than 10k miles and the tire is shot partly due to him not checking the tire like he should have but he shouldn't have had to check it that often anyways. I purchased another tire and had it installed on the original rim. Yes, I checked the rim was never supposed to hold air. I have had two tires many years apart that developed bulges in the sidewall both times less than two weeks after having them installed. I take them in and say I believe that an open splice is problem with the tire.

They tell me that no I hit the curb and it is an impact damage that caused it and that I should have purchased road hazard. Both times they were heavy duty truck tires. I ask if these were the same tires they sell to construction companies. Yes they buy lots of these tires so I comment if they are that fragile. How do the tires hold up under the conditions they drive them in? I only had the tires for two weeks and drove on paved highways and city streets.

Also why would it be long linear bulge that follows the direction of the radial fabric used as body ply? I challenged both to cut the tire because that is the only way to tell if my assumption was correct and it would be obvious if I was right. The first manager conceded that he would replace the tire this one time.

The other manager absolutely refused. I had taken a car in for a realignment one time after I changed ball joints and brakes. The guy at the desk comes out and tells me my brakes are bad and need replaced.

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I inform him I don't think so because I just did them myself two day ago. Oh we were just going by the mileage on the vehicle. I find that very hard to believe. I was very busy and had a coupon for an oil change so I took my car in for an oil change. The very nice lady behind the counter came carrying in an air filter that was extremely dirty.

She sits down with a concerned look on her face and say, "Troy, this is your air filter. It needs to be changed".