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Hadley Facebook Instagram. Welcome to Hillside Pizza fresh, local, organic. Scrumptious Salads Locally sourced, organic veggies straight from the garden. Gluten Free and Vegan Options Available. We are a local company ,. We love Organic! We love Local!

We love our Planet!

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We love our Community! Our Mission. We strive daily towards our mission to: Prepare fresh and tasty food Operate with sustainable business practices Buy from local and organic producers and Collaborate with others to meet community needs. Our Story. Located in your backyard. Bernardston 77 Church Street Hours and Directions. Deerfield Greenfield Road Hours and Directions. Hadley Russell Street Hours and Directions. Opened last week. Has a fireplace and very low ceilings.

Last time I was in there I was a kid but I don't remember it having such ceilings. Good times! Thanks again for such a great blog!

Sorry about that

It's now a Subway--moved from a location across from Tops just last week. It has tight seating in booths, a fireplace, and very low ceilings. Last time I was in there was when I was a kid but I don't remember such ceilings. Thanks again for such a great blog I am the poster above! Post a Comment. For more information on my writing, please visit my official author website!

Monday, December 29, Pizza Hut Memories. One mildly unremarkable news story that happened in Western New York during the period when I was on extended blogging hiatus was the closing throughout the region of a whole bunch of Pizza Hut locations, including the one where I started working back in May of There's nothing much remarkable about this; suburban Buffalo is blessed with an abundance of former Pizza Huts that are now dentist's offices, early education places, Chinese takeouts, and so on.

I've avoided talking much about those years in my professional life, but now, since the restaurant where I started isn't even open anymore and since I left Pizza Hut's employ in May of , more than ten years ago, I figure it's safe to describe what it was like back then. In May of I really needed a job, since the part-time gig I had at St. Bonaventure University was no longer available. Luckily, I had a connection with the local Pizza Hut hereafter, 'PH' management team, in the person of the girl I was dating at the time.

I'd later marry that girl, so no hard feelings that through her I ended up working at PH. Long tale shortened, she put in a good word for me, which in addition to my Mad Job Interview Skillz, got me hired as a cook. Since I was dating one of the managers at one, I ended up at the other. Thus it began.

Olean's remaining PH location is in the "main business district", which basically means it's in "downtown" Olean. The other one was in a fairly sleepy location at the time , and it was a much smaller, and older, facility. I'm not sure how old it was, but it was old. I'd gone to that PH as a teenager, eight or nine years earlier, with fellow members of the concert band after school concerts.

In the time I lived in that town — and we moved there in - I don't ever remember a PH not being at that spot.

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The place was ancient, with extremely tight quarters in the "back of the house". When I started, there wasn't even a mechanical dishwasher; all dishes were washed by hand. This was, you may surmise, less than fun.

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That PH location finally got a dishwasher a few years later, after I had moved to the other location in town. One funny little quirk of the place was that the big drain in the middle of the parking lot wasn't actually connected to the city's storm drainage system, so that when we got a big rain, the lot would invariably flood.

This went on for years, with the company paying some local outfit to come out with some long hose and a pump to send the water into the storm drains proper, which were just past the entrance to the parking lot. Three years would go by before the company would finally authorize the work to actually connect the lot drain to the city drains. I have no idea how much the guy made who came out to pump the lot before that happened, but I'll bet it was a lot. This drainage problem led, on one memorable occasion, to a moment of high comedy when my manager became convinced that the problem was that a pizza box had lodged over the drain cover, thus preventing the water from going down.

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He set out to remove the phantom pizza box. The problem was that the lot was heavily puckered toward that drain, so the water quickly reached a depth of more than a foot. Manager guy whose name I don't even recall anymore decided that rather than get wet, he'd walk out there in two mop buckets, one foot in each one.

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  • Unfortunately for him, Manager Guy was also a small, not-very-heavy guy, so when he moved himself — standing in his two mop buckets — far enough out into the lot, the buckets actually started to float. I'm not sure how he managed to extricate himself from that situation without falling and completely dousing himself, but watching him float in two mop buckets in the middle of our parking lot was fairly surreal. At the time, PH had a menu item called a "Neapolitan pizza". This was one of their takes, over the years, on the foldable New York City-style crust.

    It was actually a decent pizza, but it went off the menu shortly after I was hired, so that was that. But we had one regular customer who was quite the pain in the arse, and he always ordered a Neapolitan.

    Treat Box from Treats Unboxing

    He was a cranky old guy who looked the part: old jeans and t-shirt, ball cap with the mesh back that he just kind-of perched on top of his head, and a permanent expression that made quite clear that he remembers how hard things were back in the day. Anyway, this guy would order his Neapolitan with pepperoni, and then he'd stand at the counter staring at you the entire time. Since I would always be working the "cut table" — the spot where pizzas come out of the oven, and are then cut for either boxing or placed on peels or in their pan for dine-in — he'd be staring hard at me.

    And then, as he realized his time was nearing, he'd start yelling at me: "Don't burn my pizza! The problem there is that pulling a pizza from a conveyor-belt oven before it's completely exited results in underbaked pizza, but that was fine by this guy; he wanted his pizza to be somewhere between "yellow" and "perfect golden brown".

    Welcome to California Pizza Kitchen. New hand-tossed cauliflower crust and gluten-free pizzas.

    The other problem was that on an underbaked pizza, the cheese and toppings will slide all over the place, a problem which I'm sure this guy had because he would invariably tilt the pizza box way up to a degree angle on his way out the door, which had to result in all of his toppings sliding to one side. And yet, every week, there he was. Anyway, I started by learning how to make pizza the PH way. I have to be honest here, folks: I know that a lot of people think that PH is basically the lowest form of pizza that exists, but I've never had a problem with the PH product itself, as long as it's made correctly.

    I really think they've got some good food there, at least as good as any corporately-developed product can be. Well, not always. They did have some misfires while I was there. Their take on stromboli, called simply "Boli", weren't anything to write home about; neither was the "Tripledecker", a pie that came with two thin crusts, between which was sandwiched a layer of cheese, with the sauce, regular cheese, and toppings above the upper crust.

    That thing was a major pain to make, you could feel your arteries hardening while you ate the thing — and that's not even bringing up the twist they introduced on the Tripledecker, the "Tripledeckeroni", which put a layer of pepperoni on top of the cheese that was inside the two crusts. As for the Boli, it wasn't very popular at all, but that's probably because they rolled that thing out at the same time they offered a special all-summer-long promotion called "Pizza and More", which meant that if you dined in and ordered anything over and above a medium with cheese, you got unlimited salad bar, breadsticks, and dessert pizza.

    This thing was a nightmare. While I worked for PH, the method of pizza making changed not once but three times. One method involved color-coded cups to measure out the ingredients, which were then layered on the pizza in a specific order; another eschewed layering in favor of tossing it all, cheese and all, into a mixing bowl and then spreading that all over the pie.