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But for the past 1 year and 6 months, we have not released any! This summer, the new job you have been waiting for is coming. MapleStory has 35 jobs but other than their effects, their combat patterns tend to be similar and not very unique. Kinesis uses telekinesis to pick up or throw monsters, lift themselves up, and after collecting a certain amount of Psychic Points, they can use powerful ultimate skills which use giant objects.

This will create a different play pattern than other existing jobs. This will also be the first job which begins in Friends Story. Starting in the modern background of Friends Story then moving into the huge Maple World, we would like to give a movie-like experience to users. The things we have shown today are still prototypes and we are working hard to develop them more in order to meet your high expectations.

Those animations look beautiful! And the new job Kinesis sounds cool as well, starting in Friends Story is a bit weird though.

In this summer update, the new Reboot world will be born. This is done through the removal of selling items which significantly affect strength and reducing the reliance on Cash items through mesos. Sufficient items and money needed in the growth process will be acquired through regular gameplay. This reduces the burden of keeping track of money, allowing you to relax and enjoy the RPG. In addition, we will be simplifying enhancing equipment in order to reduce the gap between equipment items.

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We also want to make levelling up more fun and not just killing monsters repeatedly, so we will be making significant changes to monsters to make battling more interesting. All trading will be blocked in the Reboot world.

Currently, in MapleStory, you can buy all the equipment you need through regular trading or the auction house. Although collecting money through trading is an important factor in MMORPGs, we think it is more important to fight against monsters and collect your own equipment and items. By acquiring equipment through your own gameplay instead of through a shop, we think it will make it a more fun RPG. To reduce the burden of Cash in the Reboot world, a new Cash Shop will be utilized. Because this server is designed to give you the items and money you need as you hunt and level up, there is not as much need of various item strengthening systems and thus, related Cash items will not be sold at all or will be available through mesos.

Cosmetic items which do not affect game play will be sold for Cash like usual. These changes will reduce the burden of Cash items and allow you to enjoy the game whether or not you spend money on Cash. We will continue to develop Reboot world based on these policies and listen to the opinions of users to make more changes.

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Wow, this seems like something a lot of users have been asking for! Hey guys, a third balancing patch has been added to the test server with further changes for many jobs!

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At the top of the UI it says from top to bottom, left to right: battle time, average mesos acquired per second , total damage, average damage per second , experience acquired, and average experience acquired per second. You can see the previous balancing patches here and here. Please note that the changes in this post are in addition to the previous changes. This patch specifically added the last part about the damage text. Sometimes, even if you stop attacking in time to avoid Damage Reflect, your Final Attack type skills would activate, leading to unavoidable deaths so we have fixed that.

In addition, we have increased the maximum damage of summons. The Decent skills available through equipment potential have been changed so that they can be debuffed like all other jobs and we fixed a Drain skill which we missed in previous patches. We wanted to reduce the performance differences between the two weapons by letting Weapon Mastery increase attack speed while equipping a Spear but it was a large buff so Polearms became useless. We think Spears should still be buffed so we have decreased the attack speed boost but added a damage boost.

We fixed some Drain skills which we missed in previous patches. To mitigate the differences between Staves and Wands, you will now gain attack speed when using a Wand. But in order to reduce their damage, some of their damage boosts have been decreased. Also, when you use Vengeance of Angel, you lose the ability to Teleport while using Angel Ray so we have fixed that.

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In order to make Arrow Platter more efficient, we have decreased its cooldown. And some other changes have been made to reduce extremely high performance. We fixed an error where using Demon Explosion continuously would cause the client to shut down and we have adjusted some of its drain skills. We have adjusted Release Overload and made Exceed skills increase your Overload count even if you switch Exceed skills. In addition, we have increased the damage of some Exceed skills. Today marks the 4th day of our update introductions.

We will be talking about the reorganization of some content to be more fun and the reopening of content which has previously been unavailable. The existing Mu Lung Dojo is mainly used by high level users with high damage. However, for lower level users, it feels like it is too difficult of a goal to try and challenge them. This summer, starting from level , Mu Lung Dojo will be divided into 3 Leagues.

Please enjoy aiming for number 1 in your League and progressing to a higher one. The current Mu Lung Dojo only allows some users to clear it and reach the top of the rankings but now, starting from level , users will be able to participate in the new competition.

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Among several changes to Mu Lung Dojo, the biggest is that the current modes will be combined into one. In this mode, the rankings will be split into 3 groups based on character level. Depending on your ranking in the group, you can receive high quality equipment items.

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These Mu Lung Dojo Points can be traded in for various items that will help you in regular game play, including the items which can be acquired from the current Mu Lung Dojo. Instead of being a simple speed race where you mindlessly hit monsters, the neemies have become more powerful in different ways, creating fun gameplay and more interesting competition.

Through these change, all users will be able to challenge Enter the Dragon: Mu Lung Dojo and become stronger to enter the rankings. Currently in Maple, there are many theme dungeons and areas which are closed. So this summer, for the users who were looking forward to them, we will be releasing a renewed Korean Folk Town.

With a new story and battle patterns, you will able to enjoy a more interesting Korean Folk Town. Along with its unique country based fairy tales, we will not be changing it significantly but we will be making it a more serious area. By performing a smaller reorganization, it has become possible to focus our changes and create more high quality content. The current Korean Folk Town has a variety of stories which some users may have already played and new ones that all users will enjoy. A lot of people already know the folk tales behind the area and one of the main points of this reorganization is to enrich the story and make it fresh.

We were not satifisfied with the excitement of the material itself, so we looked closely with the gameplay to create a better experience. One of the factors which cannot be overlooked is hunting. To make local hunting grounds interesting, a few things have been added such as being able to use kilns as hunting cools.

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Users have shown some interest in it, what is the most interesting thing in Korean Folk Town for you? Mu Lung Dojo and Korean Folk Town are existing content which many users have enjoyed, and we are looking forward to showing you guys their renewed look.

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We hope these changes will make these contents more popular and interesting for all users. However, it is true there are complicated steps which are made difficult due to the large gap between users. Urs will be using the 2D skeleton animation which we introduced on Tuesday, allowing all users to participate more actively in the fight against him.

Another thing which has become possible by the usage of skleton animation is that we can add dozens of actions such as being eaten, thrown, or burned which allowed us to add a wide range of interactions between Urs and the characters fighting him. Unlike traditional bosses, users will need to work together to fight the boss and this will make it much more fun for everyone. Up until now, fighting monsters in Maple has never been this entertaining. Speaking of large bosses, we are working very hard to develop a pleasant environment to fight the boss in which reducing lag is our highest priority.